Progress on the Hut Part 2

Now the mud wall is waist high, and the stone wall is curving around.

I tried coming up with a new way to move the stones by putting them inside an old tire and rolling them down the hill but they kept falling out. Now I mainly roll the stones down the hill individually by swinging them like bowling balls and hoping they don’t hit the trees (in the case that they do, I have to go down and roll them the rest of the way to the base of the hill). I am running low on movable stones in the nearby part of the ravine and may have to climb to a higher altitude to find more. While I realize it would have been a lot quicker and easier to build a wattle and daub hut or a log cabin, I wanted to make something that would last (and have less chance of burning).

Speaking of burning, I have added a stone fireplace with a built in stone oven to the west wall. Above is the front of it and below is the “chimney” which I hope will work but may need to be made higher. The wood goes in the bottom compartment and is intended to heat and somewhat light the structure once it is completed. The top compartment is for food to be cooked in or possibly for firing clay if it somehow gets hot enough. I have a removable stone (not shown) that blocks off the top compartment quite well from the front, allowing maximum heat buildup in the oven area as well as minimum smoke coming into the completed structure.

Here is a bonus shot of the hut and the troll cave from across the ravine!


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