Hobo Grilled Squirrel

A couple days ago I was working on the hut when I heard some susserations coming from the bush. I grabbed my handy pellet pistol and set out to find the source of the sound.

I saw a tree rat rustling about in the fall leaves, and took aim, holding the pellet pistol like a Stormtrooper holds his blaster, and said, “psssh… nothin personnel… kid…” sending the projectile teleporting behind the tree rat’s back and striking it with the force of over 9,000 tipped fedoras.

When I recovered the body, I pulled out my handy micro-katana (a sharpened multi-tool blade) and first sliced around the deceased bloke’s weiner and butthole (to separate them from the rest of the skin), and then sliced up the inside of both of his thighs. I then sliced off his head which was surprisingly easy with the small knife. I used my axe to chop off his hands and feet after he got some posthumous revenge by scratching my hand with his claws. Then I pulled his skin off like a sock, starting from the legs and tail towards the head, and stuck it on a log as shown below.

“Your mom last night” – Twelve year olds

I plan on trying to make some kind of mitten or possibly a pouch with the skin… if I get a few others I can try to make something even better.

Next I fired up my hobo grill that I made by smashing holes in a 5-gallon paint can with a pickaxe, and put the meat on to roast, sprinkled with some Old Bay seasoning which unfortunately mostly burnt off.

This is when I first put it on the “grill.” The featured image is when it was nearly done – the tail basically burned all the way off by the time it was ready to eat.

Bone apple teeth! Still it was pretty good vittles. I ate it by hand and enjoyed the free meal… a few more of these and my $50 pellet pistol will pay for itself in meat savings.



    1. Thanks! Maybe I’ll post the frog legs I got with my pellet pistol sometime as well. It’s especially rewarding to get food with such a cheap and skill based weapon. I’ve hunted squirrels with a shotgun before and it’s a huge difference in the feeling of the hunt, although I concede that if you’re trying to put food in your belly the shotgun has a better chance of getting it.

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