New Handle for my Broken Pickaxe

As the stones I need for building my stone wall have become harder to obtain from the surface, I’ve had to resort to digging them out of the sides of the ravine. This would take forever with a primitive tool such as a digging stick, but is relatively fast with my little pickaxe. This is the same pickaxe I dug the original troll hole with. Unfortunately as it’s been through so much, the original handle was wearing out and one day it just cracked straight through, rendering the pickaxe unusable.

I could have simply bought a new pickaxe, but when your only money comes from looting the corpses of Illuminati ghosts you killed with a knife, it’s quite useful to be prudent when choosing how to spend it.

Sorry I didn’t think to take progress pics. Here is the roughly finished handle – slightly to the right you can see a small cross section of the Ailanthus log – the handle was carved out of a split half of that log.

I chopped down an invasive Ailanthus altissima tree with my axe and cut a section that was as long as my axe handle. Then I measured the rectangular opening on the pickaxe head (which was liberated from the remains of its former handle in the fire), and marked the borders on a split half of the log. Then I batoned my large knife down these borders to get a “stick” or narrow plank that was rectangular in cross section and the length of the axe handle. I further used my axe to do the rough carving and get the new handle narrow enough for the narrow end to pass through the hole in the pickaxe head, with a wider end that stops the head from coming loose.

As the wood is still green right now, there may be possible shrinkage and/or warping in the future, which I’ll be sure to document. Hopefully these changes won’t be significant enough to render the handle unusable though.


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