Pwned Pepes! (Hobo Grilled Frog Legs)

This was a meal I ate back in the brutally hot summer here in the Outback. Basically I saw a couple bullfrogs sitting in the mud by the watering hole, and figured they’d be good vittles. I pulled out my pellet-AWP, teleported behind the frogs and split into a quantum dimension so that I could get them both at once, then said “cyka blyat,” “RUSH B,” “nothin personnel, kid,” and did a 360 noscope causing those Pepes to make their final peeps.

I pressed F to pay my respects. These were some rare Pepes indeed.

I then skinned the legs of the frogs and put them on my hobo grill as seen in the top picture. They tasted basically like a mix between chicken, fish, and dank memes.

Bone App the Teeth!



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